Let's Knit January 2021

A new year is always a good time to take a break and look at things afresh, and with all of that positivity in mind our January issue is buzzing with projects and inspiration to recharge your knitting mojo! Our ‘Trad with a Twist’ collection takes classic knit styles and gives them a makeover, including an easy-knit gansey and flamboyant Fair Isle. The incredible Stash-bust blanket is just one of our offerings to make the most of Christmas leftovers, and enjoy a creativity boost from our six top Instagrammers for 2021 and round up of five fantastic yarncrafts. Lambkin is the next in our CBeebies Moon and Me series, and so much more. Let’s reflect, reset and recharge, let’s knit!


*please note, some offers may have expired


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