Natural Health February 2021

Before we go raring into another year, let’s begin with a gentle check-in – how are we all doing this month? Many of us are no strangers to anxiety, overwhelm and fear, especially in the past year, which is why this month we asked all of our columnists to share their top advice for navigating emotional exhaustion. And it’s okay to feel burned out after the year we’ve had. In fact, if you’re feeling drained and a little lost right now, you’re certainly not alone. And it’s not just our minds that can feel frazzled by our feelings. Here at NH HQ, we’re easing ourselves in gently to 2021, which is why we’ve collated an eight-page special dedicated to embracing those early morning moments of peace; tapping into the big magic that comes with conscious creativity; trying active meditation (perfect if you can’t sit still long enough to still your mind), and if you aren’t already doing it, we’ve got five great reasons why you should take up journaling this year – I’ve started, and it’s really helped to organise my thoughts and calm my frenetic mind. However you’re feeling this February, go gently with compassion – you’ve got this!


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