Soul & Spirit February 2021

Whether you’re single, in love, or going through ‘it’s complicated', I’m with you. Though Plato claimed that we’re all wandering around trying to find the other half of our soul, I beg to differ; I know you’re already whole, just as I am, partner or no partner. ‘Whole’ was my title word for my 2020 manifestation board, and it got me through many dark, lonely times. But there is more than romantic love to aspire to, and this issue is here to define love in all ways. Our experts have paired the most powerful pink crystals with five heart-opening meditations (when you can grasp some me-time, that is). Next up, Amy Ransom shares rituals, practices, and passages from her new book to share how self-love was her secret weapon whilst going through her separation. Beautify your soul with our Venus-inspired tricks, and get your inner witch on with sweet and simple love spells for every stage of your relationship from Tarotbella. Have a lovely love month, all, and see you next time in our ‘Psychic Spring’ March issue! 


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