Crafts Beautiful December 2021

Editor Jess needs you to lean in super close because she's only going to whisper this once. And if you tell anyone, she'll only deny it. "I'm a messy crafter. There, I said it. I can’t keep my embellishments organised, my papers in order, or my threads tidy." So, if you’re the same, join her as you look up to the sky, raise your hands above your heads and shout: ‘thank you, Marie Kondo!’ Yep, the queen of organisation is joining Crafts Beautiful this issue (p90) to give her pearls of wisdom – Jess can’t wait to transform her  – ahem, messy – craft room!


- Brimming with value on every page

- 50+ card designs every issue

- Exclusive, must-try puzzles 

- 20+ cards and extra techniques section

- Big brand giveaways worth thousands!

- Advice from our 25-strong team of experts




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