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Tricky Grammar Worksheets – Y6 – Hyphens

Tricky Grammar Worksheets – Y6 – Hyphens - Downloadable Teaching Resource

Man-Eating Shark.

Teaching resource type: worksheet

Subject: English

Teaching resource suitable for: Upper Key Stage 2, Year 6

Teaching resource focus keywords: Hyphens, SPaG

Resource includes: Worksheet and teacher notes

No. of pages: 2 pages, 3 pages

Man-Eating Shark.

This KS2 grammar teaching sequence for hyphens has been designed to help children revisit and remember a key grammatical concept from the National Curriculum programme of study.

The session provides a motivating and memorable image to stimulate discussion, before introducing the grammar element. Children have time to practise using this feature, before undertaking a short writing task to apply what they have learnt in the context of creative writing.

The resource includes teacher notes and a pupil worksheet.

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