Grow Your Own April 2021

This is one of my favorite months in the gardening calendar and I’m sure I’m not alone! Patient growers in cooler parts of the country can finally start making those early season sowings, undercover crops are peeking their heads through the soil, and there is so much life and potential on the plot. As ever, our experts are making the most of the longer day and the warming temperatures – Anne  Swithinbank is experimenting with the confusingly- named pea bean, Nick Bailey is looking into the fascinating history of soya, David Domoney is sharing his expertise on getting the best from your cucumbers, and Charles Dowding is busting some common myths and misconceptions – including some around the dreaded blight. The RHS is also on hand, discussing versatile and easy-grow spinach, explaining why we should top dress, and Guy Barter is answering your burning questions 

Have a great month in the garden, and we hope you enjoy the issue!


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