Health and Wellbeing February 2022

It’s usual at this time of year to be taking stock of what you achieved last year and what’s on your list for 2022. And while I’m all for reflection and intention, what about if we took a minute to pause on productivity? What if we didn’t always have to be achieving or working towards something?

What if we could just simply “be”, recollect our thoughts and figure out what’s important to us? Well, it’s a theme that has run strong throughout the past year and if you’re an avid listener of our podcast, Walk To Wellbeing, you may have noticed that it’s a topic that comes up time and time again with our guests.


- Top celebrity columnists, including Lisa Snowdon and Jenny Falconer

- Exclusive cover stars such as Joe Wicks and Nadia Sawalha

- Easy-to-follow workout guides that get results!

- Top nutrition and health advice from leading industry experts 

- Home therapies and inspiration for a happier, younger-feeling you!



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