Health & Wellbeing April 2021

When we launched our #walktowellbeing campaign last March, we were on a mission to get women moving, one step at a time. Little did we know it would coincide with a national lockdown, leading to walking becoming our main form of daily exercise. But, since then,

we’ve discovered that what walking offers us is way more than just a fitness fix, “Movement is about finding a way of being in your body that is joyful, nourishing, supportive, caring, confident. It is about something that feels good for you and that supports your sense of vitality”. And that for me, is what walking is – a way of life, enjoyment and connection, and that’s exactly what our campaign embodies. This month, we’ve dedicated our eight-page special to what strength means to us, and we speak to seven incredible women who share their stories with us. Let’s start by putting one foot in front of the other – you might end up somewhere unexpected and magical.


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