Let's Get Crafting Issue 138

OK, let us start by saying: we have a new crochet-along and it’s ever so cute. A T-rex, ankylosaurus and plesiosaurus (say that five times fast) make up part one of our Diddy Dinosaurs series on page 20. We hope you’re excited because we know how popular dinos are with you lovely lot. Other toys this issue include an adorable rambling bear, a mischievous monkey, a little puppy, elephants, an amazing vet, and a dress-up doll.


- Free yarn kit, needles and crochet hook every issue - get going tonight!
- Curated yarn colours you can’t get anywhere else
- Learn how to knit or crochet with our visual guides
- Join the Crochet-alongs - there’s something every issue
- Bang-on-trend patterns
- Stitch guides and advice from our pros
- Latest top buys and crafty news
- Community pages for YOU to get involved in




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