Let's Get Crafting Issue 141

What’s that? Summer’s here? Well, it is with the latest yarn kit, that’s for sure. Your Apricot yarn pack features five sunshine-y shades, plus a totally unique variegated yarn that can’t wait to get on your hook or needles – which are included too, woohoo! As always, we’ve got a wealth of patterns to put your kit to great use.

There’s a red squirrel (in a mini bowler hat) and a jaw-dropping baby mobile, both by Heather Gibbs. Then there’s Sachiyo Ishii’s beach-hitting hippo, Dawn Finney’s floral artwork, Sarah-Jane Hicks’ summery granny squares... oh, it’s all just wonderful.


- Free yarn kit, needles and crochet hook every issue - get going tonight!
- Curated yarn colours you can’t get anywhere else
- Learn how to knit or crochet with our visual guides
- Join the Crochet-alongs - there’s something every issue
- Bang-on-trend patterns
- Stitch guides and advice from our pros
- Latest top buys and crafty news
- Community pages for YOU to get involved in



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