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Try 6 issues for only £6 when you subscribe to My Weekly Pocket Novels*

A My Weekly Pocket Novel subscription will sweep you away for adventures and intrigue through its pages of thrilling story. Each issue will leave you feeling like you’ve been on a rollercoaster ride with strong themes of drama and romantic encounters.

When you pick up a copy of My Weekly Pocket Novel, you will not want to put it down…subscribe now so you don’t have to!

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About the My Weekly Pocket Novel 

Enjoy wonderful stories filled with romance, intrigue and drama with a subscription to the My Weekly Pocket Novel. 

Printed with a larger type, offering great, quick reads, My Weekly Pocket Novels serve up more of the fantastic fiction both My Weekly and My Weekly Special are known for, arriving in a handy, pocket-sized format. 

Readers will also find fun puzzles to tackle inside every issue!  

Order direct from us

Support your favourite read with a great-value subscription direct from the publisher, ensuring that you do not miss the latest serving of quality, engaging content.

Publisher of My Weekly Pocket Novel, DC Thomson is a leading media organisation in the UK. Established in 1905, DC Thomson publishes a huge selection of popular magazines and newspapers covering daily news, comics and lifestyle topics.

Subscription and delivery information

Your subscription will start 3-6 weeks from first payment (UK delivery).

Direct debit*: Saving of £67.50 based on annual newsstand price of £177 when taking out a subscription by payment of direct debit only. Pay only £6 for your first 6 issues then £14.50 every 3 months UK. Only £10 for your first 6 issues then £20.50 every 3 months overseas. Direct Debit is for UK bank accounts only. 

Pre-paid: One year subscription rate by cheque or credit/debit card: £58 (UK) or £78 (Overseas). 

Offer ends = 31st January 2023

One year = 26 issues

Product code: MWSLE

General: Overseas customers please select the “Overseas” price tab above for accurate pricing information and to order, or call +441382 575580.

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