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Teach Secondary Magazine is an invaluable teaching resource for all those education professionals teaching 11-18-year old pupils, providing you with lots of inspirational and informative content. Teach Secondary connects teachers with colleagues across the country, and encourages a healthy dialogue between all secondary education professionals.

Teach Secondary September

Teach Secondary September

Author:Teach Secondary

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3 issues of Teach Secondary Magazine for only £9.99 - save 30%

As you know, the fast-paced world of education is one of constant pressure and change – there are multitudes of thoughts and opinions on best practice, current issues, how to manage learning and behaviour, and how to get the best results from your students.

A fruitful secondary teaching environment is crucial to our nation’s future – after all, the students we educate will eventually go into the world and face their own challenges – so we do what we can to help.

Teach Secondary recognises the difficulties surrounding secondary education. From growing expectations and pressures upon teachers to feeling overwhelmed and undervalued in a profession that was meant to be rewarding, we know about it all.

In Teach Secondary you will find real voices from teachers straight from the classroom, dedicated to sharing experiences, opinions, and advice to help their colleagues find their way around the curriculum and the classroom, while ensuring learning and growth is always at the top of the list of priorities.
When you subscribe to Teach Secondary, you will get sharp, witty, and helpful contributions to your classroom from some of the most renowned education practitioners and experts, written to encourage debates and new challenges across the secondary education sector.

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