Natural Health November 2021

From your morning cup of tea to your bedtime meditation, how present are you throughout the day, or do you mindlessly work through these as another thing to tick off your to-do list? If you’re nodding along to reading the latter, you’re not alone. In fact, one in three of us feel guilty for carving out some me-time.

But did you know that regular self-care can reduce stress and improve energy levels? Well, this month, Natural Health is giving you permission to switch off and indulge in some one-on-one wellness – why not start with that morning cuppa and turn it into a daily ritual?


- Top celebrity columnists, including Patsy Kensit and Lynn Franks

- The latest wellbeing and complementary health news

- Home therapies and inspiration for a happier, younger-feeling you

- Prize giveaways worth £1000s!

- Advice from leading industry experts



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