Crafts Beautiful August 2022

Is there anything better than sitting in the sunshine? Yes, crafting in the sunshine! This issue you can practically feel the warmth of sunny days bursting through the pages. So, what do you say we start with a picnic? Grab the strawberries – and a sausage roll or two! – and turn to page 73 to make Sophia Palmer’s colourful cutlery pouches, napkins and bunting!

You’ll be pleased to know the summer fun continues over on page 41 where you can try your hand at paper flowers (the trend shows no sign of slowing down!), you’ll get colourful with Keren Baker’s clever cardvelopes on page 49 and head straight to the beach with our kinetic greeting on page 48.

Inside every issue:

- Brimming with value on every page

- 50+ card designs every issue

- Exclusive, must-try puzzles 

- 20+ cards and extra techniques section

- Big brand giveaways worth thousands!

- Advice from our 25-strong team of experts




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