Crafts Beautiful Xmas Special 2022

What’s your all-time favourite thing about Christmas? Not an easy question, I know. For me, the incredible food is very high up on the list, although some close runners-up include cheesy movies, wrapping up warm and fun snowy walks. But if I had to pick just one thing, it has to be giving gifts. Nothing quite beats seeing your loved ones' faces light up as they tear open a present that you’ve lovingly made for them. And if you’ve ever received a handmade gift, then you know just how special it can be. This issue is dedicated to celebrating that very feeling.

Inside every issue:

- Brimming with value on every page

- 50+ card designs every issue

- Exclusive, must-try puzzles 

- 20+ cards and extra techniques section

- Big brand giveaways worth thousands!

- Advice from our 25-strong team of experts


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