Grow Your Own November 2022

Welcome to the November issue of Grow Your Own! As we head into the winter months, it is time to reflect on the season – the things that have gone well, and those that we would do differently next year. On a personal note, it has been an amazing year for tomatoes, but a challenging one for cucumbers, so I will certainly be amending my growing plans for cukes next year! However, it isn’t all reflection – there is still plenty to do, and plenty of ways to get ahead for the 2023 season.


- RHS growing guides for beginners and seasoned gardeners 

- Advice from our 20-strong team of experts on growing your own organic produce with ease

- How to attract natural pollinators to boost your crops

- Simple ways to beat pests organically

- Delicious recipes to make the most of your home harvests

- All the latest news and views from the world of horticulture

- BONUS garden gifts!

- Exclusive subscriber discounts and offers



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