Health and Wellbeing November 2020


Your issue includes:
-Mind & Body Boosters: Shake off anxiety and find new ways to thrive
-Can't sleep? We've got the answer
-Best beauty for Autumn
-8 Page Special: Reboot your life
-Plus! Get well with Andrea McLean, Amanda Byram, Charlotte Hawkins and Kristoph Thompson


We look at how the pandemic may have put a strain on your relationships this year and what steps to take to get things back on track. And, as we enter a period of economic uncertainty, your relationship with your career and finances may need a little attention too. Worry not! Our experts are on hand to help you spend more wisely and save better to ensure you’re prepared for any future outcome. It sounds cliché and we’ve heard it said before, but our relationship with ourselves is the most important one of all, and if you’re in need of some TLC, now’s the time to treat your body and mind to what it needs.



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