Grow Your Own August 2022

Welcome to the August issue of Grow Your Own! There really is plenty to enjoy in the garden this month, and we are on hand to help you celebrate every last bit!

Harvests are big news in August, with many different fruits and vegetables ready to bring in from the garden and turn into delicious meals to feed family and friends. Find some of the crops ripe for the picking on page 74.


- RHS growing guides for beginners and seasoned gardeners 

- Advice from our 20-strong team of experts on growing your own organic produce with ease

- How to attract natural pollinators to boost your crops

- Simple ways to beat pests organically

- Delicious recipes to make the most of your home harvests

- All the latest news and views from the world of horticulture

- BONUS garden gifts!

- Exclusive subscriber discounts and offers



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