Soul and Spirit June 2022

For some reason, summer solstice always makes us think of crystals. It’s our favourite time of year, a week after Editor Rosalind's birthday, Glastonbury Festival is almost here and there is no better energy in which to whip out these spiritual power tools!

We’ve been asked the ‘best’ crystal (in many experts’ opinion it’s clear quartz) but it’s not always that easy – we are all each attuned to different ones, and there are countless crystals, with new discoveries still being made (enter, pink amethyst). On a Reiki experience once in Sydney, Rosalind was recommended sodalite, great for writers, before she even was one, but king cobra jasper gifted by her best friend suits her scattiness and helps her get projects done.

What are your crystal faves? Whatever they are, they’re yours, so harness your own crystal rainbow and be proud of whatever they help you achieve.


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