Soul and Spirit September 2022

Do you ever think of someone and they text you, or think of something random and the TV says it out loud? This has been happening so much to us since we started work on this issue. We’ve had a few deep personal realisations along the way, and I’ve never trusted the Universe more. That’s psychic skills in action; it brings you closer to the Universe, and those in Spirit, to make you feel loved, even when you’re lost and alone. When you interact with the Universe, and learn to read its signs, life hits differently – the mundane becomes magical.


- Regular free gifts, including oracle, angel and affirmation cards

- The latest spiritual and well-being news

- Expert-driven advice to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your relationships and your life’s purpose

- Coaching and psychic guidance from our top team of pros

- Detailed horoscopes and lunar predictions 

- Spiritual guidance from top celebrity columnists, including Russell Grant, Michele Knight, Dr David Hamilton, Sally Morgan and Yasmin Boland



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