Natural Health September 2022

Welcome to the September issue of Natural Health. This time of year has always resonated quite strongly with us and we’ve found that it holds a magical sense of optimism in its grasp. Whether or not younger children feature in your life, there’s no denying that that back-to-school feeling still remains strong whatever your age and there’s a sense that the world is at your fingertips if you can just work out how to take the opportunities offered to you. For many of us then, the start of September heralds a commitment to new goals and this idea of a mid-year reset is certainly one that’s appealing. We know that new year resolutions often fall by the wayside in the first couple of weeks of January, but any changes set about in September have the potential to create long-lasting habits.


- Top celebrity columnists, including Patsy Kensit and Lynn Franks

- The latest well-being and complementary health news

- Home therapies and inspiration for a happier, younger-feeling you

- Prize giveaways worth £1000s!

- Advice from leading industry experts



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