Crafts Beautiful February 2022

Do you remember spotting Tom Daley working his way through a knitting project in between his Olympic gold-medal-winning dives? We loved seeing it. But do you know what we loved even more? The world’s excitable reaction that followed.

Not only from those of us who have craft running through our veins but also from the new generation of creatives that the pandemic has brought. Tom is one of those people and we loved hearing his passion for knitting on page 90.

And that’s not the only must-read of the issue. Sorcha brings us the first in our brand-new series, Craft Intelligence. Team CB
will be donning their deerstalkers – a la Sherlock Holmes! – to investigate your craft-trend confusion. Find it on page 42.


- Brimming with value on every page

- 50+ card designs every issue

- Exclusive, must-try puzzles 

- 20+ cards and extra techniques section

- Big brand giveaways worth thousands!

- Advice from our 25-strong team of experts




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